Monday, April 30, 2018

Important dates

1. Monday, last progress report due to Flickr.  

2. Wednesday: The final class day will be May 2nd.  You must turn in a folder to me of your book images, and I must have proof that you have paid for your book.  (printed receipt would work).  Come to class that day and turn in your photos and receipt.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Next Wednesday the 18th, Mid Project Review

Be prepared to talk about your project (5 min)
Be prepared to help others, have questions
Set aside a slide show or powerpoint or group of your best work so far to show us

Lightroom Book Design and Layout

Lightroom Blurb Book design module

Advanced Lightroom Tips and Tricks from Last Week

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Here is the schedule for the senior shows. We have 7 exhibitions, with 1 outside show in Annalea. All the lectures are on tue/thu except one on Wednesday 4/25. We will do 2 students per lecture instead of one this time. Kiyana Cherry and Taylor Martin April 9-11 Lec April 10 Jessica Moore and Tiara Tatum April 12-16 Lec April 12 Blake Goldsmith/Ranlee Kunkel/Nikki Valdez April 17-19 Lec 17 and 19 Taylor Hughes and Rachel Nunez April 20-24 Lec 24 Aleisha Bryeans/Tommy Capps/Colin Craig April 25-27 Lec 25 and 26 Annalea Nelson April 26 to May 2nd lec May 2 Matt Huskins April 30 - May 2 Lec May 1 Jacob Fritts and Yuki Holloway-Ogiamien May 3 - May 11 Lec TBA