Sunday, March 18, 2018

Printing Supplies/Materials

Paper -


BandH Photo

Epson Lustre Paper, glossy but not too much, good paper at good value
Red River Paper - the Nice stuff, all kinds
Epson Cold Press - nice matte paper with textured surface
Epson Hot Press - Nice matte paper without texture

French Paper co.  Graphic Design Paper

Graphic Design - the art of choosing the right paper

Mounting - Gatorboard

Dick Blick

Dry Mounting Tissue

B and H photo

Speciality Printing

Fort Worth Photo Lab
Courpralux Dallas


Aaron Brothers - Fort Worth
Frame Destination - Dallas
House of Frames - south fort worth


Jerrys Art O Rama

Paper Guide for Printing

Epson Photo Paper Glossy

What you get at the store, servicable quality

Epson Ultra Photo Paper Glossy

Thicker, heavier paper stock, feels better in hands

Epson Ultra Photo Paper Luster

A semi glass with a textured finish, my goto value paper

Epson Ultra Paper Premium Matte

Zero gloss, but the color gamut of the below matte papers are better

Epson Hot Press Paper

Cotton based paper with matte finish, very heavy, good color gamut.  Hot press means it is super smooth. Paper color is slightly warmer. Great for nature and landscape.

Epson Cold Press Paper

like above but with a more textured matte finish

Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper

Cotton based paper with matte finish with a watercolor paper- type texture

Epson Exhibition Fiber Based Paper

Very heavy, fiber based paper, resembles darkroom style photographic prints, great for exhibitions, deep blacks and subtle tonal gradations make this the best paper for black and white.  Also good for portraits.

Third Party brands I support

Red River Metallic Paper

a high gloss finish and a pearlescent base stock that yields an elegant iridescence in your images. Great for images of archetecure, cars, and other high contrast images.  

Red River Baryta 

Kind of like a semigloss version of the Epson Fiber paper, better suited for color printing with a warm white paper color.

Red River Canvas Paper

If you want that painterly look

more options from Red River Paper

Hanemuhle makes probably the best, thickest, most premium paper out there.  If I were going into a museum or new york gallery, I might splurge on this stuff.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Project 5 Narrative

Basic Summary

You are to create a series that implies a narrative.  Each image should tell a story on it's own.  But you also have to make 3 images.  Hope that makes sense.  

What do I want you to turn in an how?  
Bring at least 3 images to class next Monday March 26th.  

Suggestions and ideas to get started

By imply a narrative, I mean you can choose how literal or open ended you want the narrative to be. Images can only explain so much in terms of storytelling, but remember this is a powerful limitation. Generally the more obvious your narrative is, the less interesting it is. You must consider ever part of your image to offer clues as to the what the setting, conflict, and possible resolution of your narrative is.    I do suggest you pick a narrative that you find has a parallel with a personal narrative you have in your own life.  Your narrative must be original, it may be inspired by past works but not slavishly reproducing them.  

You have only a few images to work with.  Compose it with the greatest amount of intent possible.  Consider you lighting, and placement.  What do we see in the frame, what is hidden?  use a tripod if possible.  Compose your scene like a still life.  

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lighting Ratios to Make or break your Portraits

Due to weather issues

We pushed the due date back to the assignment.  We will now be doing the presentations next Monday 5th.  No class on Wednesday, so keep shooting and revisiting you sites if you were not able to due to bad weather. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Landscape Selections

Josh - Hells Gate, Possum Kingdom
Zeke - Stephenville Historical Museum
Dan A. - Martins Gap
Vista - Aurora TX
Caroleena - Indian Gap
Mason - Carlton
Sarah B. - Priddy and Mullin
Taylor - Cameron park
Melissa - Desdemona
Berkley - Glen Rose
AMber - Indianola
Donald - Somerville
Alison - Alexander
TJ- thurber