Tuesday, December 3, 2019

final class day

You must have your Blurb book sent to be printed by the last day of class (Dec. 3rd). Your blurb book must have a minimum of 25 photos. For the final in this class we will meet and go over your book design before you send it in to be printed. On 12/3 you must also turn in a folder of your final project photos. This can be done through the cloud, or on disc, or you can just copy your files on my lab computer when attending the final class day.

Let me see your book before you print it off

Email me your receipt and a link to your flickr page with your final photos

that is it.   

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thursday meeting times

Alex 1:40
Kristine 1:50
Kenzie 2:00
Kamryn 2:10
Lacy 2:20
Carson 2:40
Brian 2:50
Riley 3:00
Angel 3:10
Tara 3:30
Madelyn 3:40
Marissa 3:50
Isabella 4:00
Cristina 4:10
Makaylla 4:20

Cinegraph instructions


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Project 6 Cinemagraphs

For this assignment, you will produce a cinemagraph, which are still photographs where minor and looped movement occurs.  Cinemagraphs are usually published in the GIF format, becuase it is an image format that can store a looped animation while displayed on the web like an image (meaning it requires no plug in to play, nor does it have playback controls like a video would).  It creates an interesting inbetween effect where the image is not quite a photo and not quite a video.

We will be using this tutorial in class, however there are others out there.

Out of class, take a short video of yourself or something moving. Have the video file ready for class on Tuesday, November 19th. Due end of the day Tuesday, email to me the final gif file...(flickr doesnt seem to support them)

Do not do anything too complicated with the movement, try to make it so one aspect of the image can be isolated without anything else interfering.  Try a couple different scenarios. You MUST MUST MUST have a stable camera set up with a tripod or something.

Some helpful hints and tips:
  • Remember that for this sort of GIF, you want to show some sort of subtle movement; you want to create the intrigue of “what a nice photo—whoa, it moves!!”
  • Besides showing some movement, you also want to make sure you have something in your scene that stays consistent to contrast and emphasize that movement.
  • Try to think of a scene or movement that would be fairly easy to loop since your final GIF will be set to loop forever.
  • Your scene can involve a person but it doesn’t necessarily have to.

Examples are easy to find...

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Project 5 Spirit Photography

"uncanny: having or seeming to have a supernatural or inexplicable basis; beyond the ordinary or normal; extraordinary"

From its invention, photography has been used to capture things that vanish, to memorialize the dead, to stop time and capture the uncanny and might not have been seen by the human eye. 

Make one image that illustrates or reveals this force. You are to construct one image that looks completely realistic at first glance but shows elements of an uncanny presence, or impossible, spiritual, or surreal situation. Images can be anything from landscape to portraiture to abstract...but all should be focused on using light, environment and subjects to set the mood for spooky, creepy or unsettling scenes in anticipation of Halloween.

What are the ways we can think of the notion of ghosts?  Is it the spirit, devoid of a body?  Or is it unseen forces and intentions that shape our lives? Is history always alive?  You can forget ghosts, and think of the world of dreams, and playing with the idea of the unexpected or strange.  

Due end of day Thursday 11/7 uploaded on Flickr

How to do this assignment
consider artificial lighting in dark places
slow shutter speed blur
photo overlays
photoshop compositing

It will take some time collecting images for the project out of class, but you can do a lot of the work in class as well.  

Photographers to look at

Henry Fox Talbot’s “fairy pictures” and then look at spectral trends nineteenth-century photography, especially spirit photography-- photographs that people believed showed ghosts-- and then delve into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, looking at photographers who invoke disappearance by different means: Ralph Meatyard, Francesa Woodman, Graham MacIndoe, Paula Luttringer. multi-media works by Rebecca Belmore, Sally Mann, Ana Mendieta, Carrie Mae Weems.  Many ghosts haunt a place due to a past event or unresolved issue, so consider the history of place when considering your images.  


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Final Book Project

As of now, for your homework for the rest of the semester, you should begin focusing and shooting for your final. Your final should be an exploration of a topic that you select that you can invest time and research towards. This will be your homework for the rest of the year, and I expect the work to reflect the quality of a project that has been worked on and refined as much as possible. We will still be doing other projects in class btw. Every image turned in should be amongst your best work, and the photos should work together cohesively to explicitly illustrate your ideas contained in your research.

You will be designing a book in Blurb that you will create and publish. Your book may be a narrative of some kind, a documentary work, have text or not, whatever you like…but I do want you to consider the wide appeal of this book. If you want to make a book about your family or your friends partying, then you must consider adding enough content to make it interesting enough to catch the casual viewer.

What is due?

You must have your Blurb book sent to be printed by the last day of class (Dec. 3rd). Your blurb book must have a minimum of 25 photos. For the final in this class we will meet and go over your book design before you send it in to be printed. On 12/3 you must also turn in a folder of your final project photos. This can be done through the cloud, or on disc, or you can just copy your files on my lab computer when attending the final class day. This project is worth 500 points.  The final book is not the only thing you will be graded on. You will be expected to shoot every week and participate in class discussions for full credit on this project.

The schedule....

1. You are to create a short paper (500 word minimum)  by Oct 31st on what you plan on doing for your final project. This paper should clearly state the objective of your project, possible shooting strategies and locations, technical requests, and about a paragraph of historical research that must cite at least two photographers whose work/ideas somehow parallels yours. You may use any source to find photographers, but I recommend Lensculture.  I am not going to stress perfect grammar or style, although I expect a paper written at least at high school level and readable. This is worth 50 points.

2. Weekly Flickr Progress Reports: You will be expected to upload at least 25 images a week on your assigned topic. These must be uploaded by the end of the day on Tuesday (11/12, 11/19, 11/26, 12/3)
These check ups are worth 50 points.  They must be done on time (by 11:59pm on Tuesday) or no credit will be awarded.  I reserve the right to give partial or no credit if I decide the images you take are not geared towards your final project abstract. Please put them in an album for each week.

3. We will have an inclass group discussion/critique of your work on Thursday 11/21. Attendance and participation in this discussion is worth 50 points.

4. Final Critique: The final class day will be 12/3.  You must turn in a folder to me of your book images, and I must have proof that you have paid for your book.  (printed receipt would work).  Come to class that day and turn in your photos and receipt.

Your book will most likely not be ready for the final in terms of being printed, so all I need to see is the receipt you have created the Blurb file and have sent it off to be printed.  You may ship it to your home address.


This project is worth 500 points. Breakdown: 200 points for the final work, 200 points for the check ups, 50 points for the abstract and 50 points for participating at the critique.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Studio Schedule

Thursday 10/17 1:40pm 


Thursday 10/17 3:00pm 


Tuesday 10/22 1:40pm


Tuesday 10/22 3:00pm