Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lighting Ratios to Make or break your Portraits

Due to weather issues

We pushed the due date back to the assignment.  We will now be doing the presentations next Monday 5th.  No class on Wednesday, so keep shooting and revisiting you sites if you were not able to due to bad weather. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Landscape Selections

Josh - Hells Gate, Possum Kingdom
Zeke - Stephenville Historical Museum
Dan A. - Martins Gap
Vista - Aurora TX
Caroleena - Indian Gap
Mason - Carlton
Sarah B. - Priddy and Mullin
Taylor - Cameron park
Melissa - Desdemona
Berkley - Glen Rose
AMber - Indianola
Donald - Somerville
Alison - Alexander
TJ- thurber

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Richard Misrach

Apps to help you when you are shooting

The Photographers Ephemeris

Texas Landscape Photographer on the road - Mandy Lea

Places to look for inspiration



Project 4 Cross Timbers Region

For this assignment you will serve as photojournalist and artist.  I (your instructor) will be the photo editor, and you will be the photojournalist working on the  assignment entitled "The Cross Timbers outside Stephenville”.

What/How do I turn this in?

Part 1: Seek approval of your idea through me in class, no more than 2 people are allowed per location. Turn in a one page abstract of where you will be shooting to your instructor via email before the end of the day Friday, Feb. the 16th.  Must be at least one page and include the basic historical importance of the area and how you plan to describe that through images.  (50 points)

Part 2: You will turn in 10 images (minimum) to flickr in a set entitled "project 3" by the end of the day Monday, Feb 26th. (100 points)

Part 3: You will do a 10 minute presentation of your work in class on Wednesday Feb 28th based off the subject you choose.  Your presentation should include a Powerpoint slideshow along with relevant historical data to supplement your images.  You will be graded based off the quality of your presentation's research and the engagement level you have with the work.  You are required to have at least two CREDITED sources in your presentation, be it a book, magazine, website, or interview.  (50 points)

Why are we doing this?

I want you to think about the details in your photographs that tell the story, that imply the narrative of a place. Photographers must know their subject before and after they shoot it, and sometimes it requires research, and knowledge of a place. Even historians are constructing a narrative with words of a place. Maybe it is about the history of a place, maybe it is more your own personal encounter with history that is the true story. What information can you put in your photograph that makes more than just a random field, or barn? Think about the details that set the scene of the story you want to tell. If there is an interesting event going on there, Like the Commanche Pow Wow, than document that.  

Possible locations

Who was George Bernard Erath? What is up with those wind turbines popping up in the Northwest? Every actually stop at a Texas roadside marker? Where did people see the aliens? How did people migrate here? Where does the railroad go and how was it used? Why is Thurber a ghost town? Where is the chalk on Chalk Mountain? Why is there a headless woman haunting Alexander, TX? What's the hub boob about the strip club in Proctor? Where is the biggest rocking chair in the United States? What do people do on a Saturday night in Morgan Mill? Who is Dale and how can you tell he is bluffing in poker in Bluff Dale? Where does the roller derby team play? What goes on in Comanche, Deleon, etc...etc...