Monday, October 14, 2013

A8 Cinemagraph

For this assignment, you will produce a cinemagraph, which are still photographs where minor and looped movement occurs.  Cinemgraphs are usually published in the GIF format, becuase it is an image format that can store a looped animation while displayed on the web like an image (meaning it requires no plug in to play, nor does it have playback controls like a video would).  It creates an interesting inbetween effect where the image is not quite a photo and not quite a video.

We will be using this tutorial in class, however there are others out there.

Out of class, take a short video of yourself or something moving.

Do not do anything too complicated with the movement, try to make it so one aspect of the image can be isolated without anything else interfering.  Try a couple different scenarios.

Then we will take the video and create the cinemagraph in photoshop.  You will be working on the cinagraph itself on Wednesday in class Nov. 4th.

Some helpful hints & tips:
  • Remember that for this sort of GIF, you want to show some sort of subtle movement; you want to create the intrigue of “what a nice photo—whoa, it moves!!”
  • Besides showing some movement, you also want to make sure you have something in your scene that stays consistent to contrast and emphasize that movement.
  • Try to think of a scene or movement that would be fairly easy to loop since your final GIF will be set to loop forever.
  • Your scene can involve a person but it doesn’t necessarily have to.

Examples are easy to find...