Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Project 1 A Day in the Life

Show a series of photographs that illustrate the day in the life of a subject of your choice.  You must take at least 50 photos to start with. Your subject could be you or include a model.  You must, through a series of photographs, illustrate a narrative that the viewer can identify as a whole day, so make sure to illustrate that in your work.  

The point of this assignment is to strengthen your compositional skills.  Utilize a strong focal point in each of your shots. You will take 50 photographs, and you must display an understanding of each compositional photo in at least one photo from the series.  You will be asked to label which strategy you used in Lightroom for each photo.  You must try all of the ones below.  

Direct Light Source (front, side, and back)
Unexpected or unnatural viewpoint Dutch Tilt
Creative use of Color
one image must be a selfie

When is it Due?

Due 50 pictures by the end of the day January 22nd (Monday).  Bring in your camera and your camera card, we will go over processing images in class.  

(photo by James Day)

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