Sunday, October 29, 2017

Project 5 Spirit Photography

From its invention, photography has been used to capture things that vanish, to memorialize the dead, to stop time and capture the uncanny and might not have been seen by the human eye. 

Make a small series of photographs (3 or more images) that illustrate or reveal this force. Images can be anything from landscape to portraiture to abstract...but all should be focused on using light, environment and subjects to set the mood for spooky, creepy or unsettling scenes in anticipation of Halloween.

What are the ways we can think of the notion of ghosts?  Is it the spirit, devoid of a body?  Or is it unseen forces and intentions that shape our lives? Is history always alive?  

Due end of class Friday the 3rd uploaded on Flickr

How to do this assignment
consider artificial lighting in dark places
slow shutter speed blur
photo overlays

Photographers to look at

Henry Fox Talbot’s “fairy pictures” and then look at spectral trends nineteenth-century photography, especially spirit photography-- photographs that people believed showed ghosts-- and then delve into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, looking at photographers who invoke disappearance by different means: Ralph Meatyard, Francesa Woodman, Graham MacIndoe, Paula Luttringer. multi-media works by Rebecca Belmore, Sally Mann, Ana Mendieta, Carrie Mae Weems.  Many ghosts haunt a place due to a past event or unresolved issue, so consider the history of place when considering your images.  

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