Sunday, October 29, 2017

Abstract for Final

This brief assignment is meant for you to start researching and thinking about the conceptual basis of your final book project


You are to create a short paper (500 word minimum) on what you plan on doing for your final project. This paper should clearly state the objective of your project, possible shooting strategies and locations, technical requests, and about a paragraph of historical research that must cite at least two photographers whose work/ideas somehow parallels yours. You may use any source to find photographers, but I recommend Lensculture.  I am not going to stress perfect grammar or style, although I expect a paper written at least at high school level and readable.

Due Date: emailed paper due Monday Nov 6th by the end of the day. The final photos/book will be due at the end of the year during final weeks.

Points to Consider:
Whatever you choose, make sure that you pick a topic that interests you (and will continue to interest you for the month you will work on it). To begin, start looking at the work of contemporary photographers who are working in a similar vein as to what you wish to do. Check the campus library, museum, and magazine websites for inspiration and for examples. After you have your idea and examples, develop a clear paper and emphasis the points you wish your photos to illustrate.

In November/December your weekly assignments will become open, you will be required to shoot a minimum of 25 images a week that should be geared for the final. A majority of your final grade depends on it.

Here are a list of a historical/contemporary photographers
More lists
and more and more


Your final should be an exploration of a topic that you select that you can invest time and research towards. This will be your homework for the rest of the year, and I expect the work to reflect the quality of a project that has been worked on and refined as much as possible. Every image turned in should be amongst your best work, and the photos should work together cohesively to explicitly illustrate your ideas contained in your research. You will work on it for homework the remaining four weeks of class.

You will be designing a book in Blurb that you will create and publish. Your book may be a narrative of some kind, a documentary work, have text or not, whatever you like…but I do want you to consider the wide appeal of this book. If you want to make a book about your family or your friends partying, then you must consider adding enough content to make it interesting enough to catch the casual viewer.

Blurb Photography art books
How to make a beautiful photo book with blurb

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