Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Assignment 1 A Day in the Life

Show a series of photographs (at least ten) that illustrate the day in the life of a subject of your choice.  Your subject could be you or include a model.  You must, through a series of photographs, illustrate a narrative that the viewer can identify as a whole day, so make sure to illustrate that in your work.  

The point of this assignment is to strengthen your compositional skills.  Utilize a strong focal point in each of your shots. Each one of your photographs must include the following strategies:

Direct Light Source (front, side, and back)
Unexpected or unnatural viewpoint Dutch Tilt
Creative use of Color
Use the wrong white balance setting
one image must be a selfie

When is it Due?

Due 50 pictures by the end of the day September 6th (Wednesday)

(photo by James Day)

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